About Us

Find out about the background, vision and mission of the CieSoft team.

About CieSoft

Driving the evolution of secondary education internationally.

CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) focuses on the skills students need to meet national and international education requirements, and how these skills impact on the quality of university admission. Where CIE offers complete examination services from curriculum evaluation and approval, continuous validation of standards and support; to accreditation of certification; CieSoft provides the supporting software for these authorities to fulfil CIE requirements.

This has inspired CieSoft to be a global trend-setter as producer of secondary examinations software designs, implementation and maintenance. A lifetime of specialisation in this field has given us the ability to transform the secondary examination software solution landscape to a new level that enables the cohesion of optimisation and customisation.

What we do

We offer state of the art unrivalled software solutions for schools or groups of schools, private or public sector, who need all of their management tasks running an exam system reduced to the bare minimum. We take pride in what we do, offer the best after-sales service in the industry and focus on customer care.